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  • Prepare to Have Your Pockets Emptied as Average 86% Increase In Unit Contribution Looming!

    Prepare to Have Your Pockets Emptied as Average 86% Increase In Unit Contribution Looming!

    Condo fees are set for a dramatic increase as unit contribution towards Project Expenditure Fund increases by an average of 86% per unit in 2026 as compared to 2023 contribution. Management describes this increase, necessary to cover 2026 anticipated expenditure, as “gradual”.

  • The Camera Never Lies... Unless It's a Lie of Omission!

    The Camera Never Lies... Unless It's a Lie of Omission!

    Think the security camera’s in the building are there for your protection? Think again!
    When a building resident recently requested a copy of security footage from an incident that happened in a common area, the Corporation dealt with the issue by retaining a lawyer to respond to say that the Corporation will not provide copies of video of the common elements for privacy reasons.
    They went on to assert that the corporation is of the view that it is under no obligation to provide any such description.
    How safe do you feel now?
  • Class A Location, Class C Building

    Class A Location, Class C Building

    We have spent over $10k seeking information from this board, only the lawyers are winning!

    Only solution if you want change and a better environment is to vote out the board!


  • Holes in Walls

    Holes in Walls

    Large unsightly holes have appeared in walls throughout the building.

    What problem are they trying to fix? And how long are they going to be left like this? Experience tells us it won’t be back to normal quickly.

  • In Emergency... You're On Your Own!

    In Emergency... You're On Your Own!

    How important is your safety? Firstly we are warned about a group of teenagers hanging around the parking area and then our Emergency Call Button is removed… without warning. Stay safe neighbours.

    UPDATE: Finally, cell phone boosters have been added to the area, fine if you have a cell phone and the presence of mind to use it.


  • Lockboxes And Overgrown

    Lockboxes And Overgrown

    Stark contrast between the care and management of neighbouring properties. On the left 185 Robinson, on the right 221 Robinson, wildly overgrown and covered in realtors lockboxes and litter.

    Apparently we now have a realtor on the board, perhaps they belong to his friends.


  • Water Leak Repaired

    Water Leak Repaired

    After a $360k owners assessment and annual ongoing expenses our garage water leak was repaired (??) leaving this eyesore. We hope at least that the leaks may finally be fixed.

    EDIT: 2022 a few years after the supposed fix and it’s still leaking.


  • Storage Sauna

    Storage Sauna

    We once had a sauna however it is now merely a messy junk storage area for which owners pay.


  • Sleeping In Doorway

    Sleeping In Doorway

    How secure is our building? Having found people sleeping in our foyer, it would be wrong to assume that safety is a priority. Does anyone ever check the cameras? Do the cameras even work?


  • Ceiling Leak

    Ceiling Leak

    There have been roof leaks in the building for at least ten years. Will the reserves cover the upcoming, potentially expensive roof replacement?

    2021 Update – It’s leaking AGAIN!


  • Does Security Matter To You?

    Does Security Matter To You?

    Leaving security gates ajar and allowing security doors to be propped open does not suggest everyone feels the same way.


  • No Smoking Sign

    No Smoking Sign

    How long must this worn out sign remain before it is replaced? So far, it has been this way for at least 10 years. Small details make a big difference.


Latest Updates:

– Massive increase in Contribution per unit to Project Funding looming
– Roof is leaking again this year
– New elevators ALSO entrap riders (just like the old ones!)
– Fee increase of 7%… what exactly are we getting for this increase?
– New board member, replacing a veteran of 15 years, maybe it’s time for change 


Do you share our concerns and / or have observations of your own?


Let’s elect a board that we deserve.


221 Robinson

A Great Place to Live… Potentially!

Despite our concerns as to the maintenance and management of 221 Robinson, we firmly believe it is a great place to live with spectacular views and easy access to the best Oakville has to offer. But it goes without saying that there are problems. 

Wonder why equivalent properties in the area sell much higher than units in 221 Robinson? We have an aging building in a poor state of repair with little planning and forethought for the future. We deserve better, the building deserves better, Oakville deserves better.

We are concerned residents of 221 Robinson Street in Oakville, Ontario and we are exhausted trying to hold management accountable for the poor standard of maintenance of our building. The value of our property and the standard of living is disappointing and not keeping pace with similar nearby properties in the area.

Despite units recently selling for over $1m, does the state of this building really reflect that price tag? What would these units be worth if the building was managed appropriately?

Downtown Oakville

You spend lots of time here, shouldn’t you want to love where you live?

Concerned About 221 Robinson

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