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The Camera Never Lies... Unless It's a Lie of Omission!

Think the security camera’s in the building are there for your protection? Think again!
When a building resident recently requested a copy of security footage from an incident that happened in a common area, the Corporation dealt with the issue by retaining a lawyer to respond to say that the Corporation will not provide copies of video of the common elements for privacy reasons.
They went on to assert that the corporation is of the view that it is under no obligation to provide any such description.
How safe do you feel now?

In Emergency... You're On Your Own!

You know what would be a good idea? An emergency call button in the parking garage that residents can use if they feel threatened or in danger… like when approached by “a group of local teenagers” that the Condo Board wants residents to help with.
Oh wait, never mind, the Condo Board has removed those panic buttons without informing residents until months later… but they’d still like your help in handling the “uninvited visitors” (only don’t engage with them… they might be dangerous!)
UPDATE: Don’t worry folks, they’ve added cell phone boosters to the area now so hopefully, you’ll have yours with you and time to take it out and call for help.