Unsupervised Building (UPDATED: Aug 14, 2017)


Once upon a time there was a building manager on site to help protect the building from careless contractors and to direct deliveries. Today with no such person in place we are left with unsupervised contractors entering the building damaging our property (see pictures of elevator damage) or abandoning deliveries such as the delivery of bricks which was left on the doorstep, immediately outside the door of the building causing a health and safety hazard.  This package took two people to move. 

UPDATE - August 14, 2017

The first image below was recently captured by a resident returning to the building only to find someone had decided to shelter in the entrance and sleep. Not only is this unsightly, it is also dangerous for residents both in terms of potential physical and verbal attacks but also having an unauthorized person wandering around the premises creates a security risk. It is clear that security cameras are apparently not being monitored, despite the technology to do so being available.

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