Interested In Electric Vehicles?


The world is changing and particularly in the way we aim to preserve our planet. This desire to conserve energy and resources and move away from fossil fuels has lead to a change in the vehicles we drive. From hybrid to fully electric vehicles, it is clear that this mode of powering our transportation is the future. What you may not know is that our building is not a supporter of this new technology. When asked about the option of installing electric vehicle charging stations within the parking garage, building management indicated that there was no demand for it and as such they would not be supporting residents who might be interested in having an electric vehicle in the future. In essence, the board decided not to provide any facility for owners, did not perform any survey of owner desires (that we know of) and further that as far as we know, no board member has a hybrid vehicle (surprise, surprise)!

Do you own or plan to own an electric vehicle in the future? Let us know by contacting us. If we can show that there are enough residents who might be interested in owning an electric vehicle, perhaps charge stations could be something that the buildings support. As more and more people make the gear shift to electric vehicles, this will become an issue for resale purposes as new owners demand charging stations for their vehicles.